The Universal Design System Guide.

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Universal Design Systems for products and businesses of any scale and complexity.


The Design System Calculator

A Design System is an ability to turn repetitive tasks for people into money.

💸/🎨 =  (👨‍💻+👩‍💻) × ⏰ × 💶

Cost for Redundancy

€ 76440

Possible Net Savings:

€ 22932

ROI Functionality – Coming soon!

How to build a
Design System

This Step-By-Step Interactive Handbook got you covered on:

  • Fundamentals
  • Tools
  • Freebies
  • Checklists
  • Design Tokens
  • Design Metrics

A Universal Design System

turns this:

Client Product Owner Head of Brand

Is this  Our Logo?  Our Brand?  Our Color?  Primary or CTA?  another Shade of Grey?  Brand aligned?  For real?  Primary 500?

Developer Editor Content Creator

It’s according to the specification 🥶.

I can’t find one.


This doesn’t work. Let’s have a call.

into this:


Any issues with the Design System?


No issues or whatsoever.. 🤩

Really?! These Design Systems work after all..

Yeah cool stuff. ☕?

Sure. Let’s go for coffee. 🚀

Learn Universal Design Systems Today.

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chapter 1

Design Systems 101

chapter 2

Design Audit

chapter 3

Design Structure

chapter 4

Design Tokens

chapter 5


chapter 6


chapter 7


chapter 8


"We need just a Logo! Website! Remap! App! "

That’s absolutely fine, just…

Are you trying to...

  • Align the whole organization under one guiding principle
  • Generate a quick positive impression on your audience
  • Stand out in a sea of sameness in your market?
  • Position yourself for victory in your market?
  • Spend less on marketing and advertising?
  • Hire and retain the right people?
  • Create Brand Ambassadors?
  • Formulate strategic partnerships?
  • Invest in brand building vs simply trying?
  • Be perceived differently?
  • Charge a premium?
  • Win?

if yes – then you need a Brand with a solid Design System. 🤘